Welcome to homeofficepianist, a website embracing the unique opportunities of this moment in time to explore alternative forms of creative communication. In sharing the result of his daily practice sessions with you, the homeofficepianist invites you into the everyday rhythms of his musical journey

Utilising the time at home afforded by the current restrictions, the homeofficepianist is embarking on an expansive exploration of the musical universe, with each journey catalogued in a collection of periodic recordings. 

Initially, these recordings were made as a tool to self-monitor practice progression. However, these humble recordings capture something of the feeling of performance, and therefore the homeofficepianist began to share them with friends and colleagues. The positivity of this experience has inspired him to create this platform to welcome you into this musical exchange, joining him on a mystical and enlightening path.

25.Oktober 2021

24.Oktober 2021

23.Oktober 2021

not completely ready...but on the way..........

Frederic Chopin

Nocturne f minor Opus 55 no. 1

schmalzy evening

Harry Farjeon

A Swan Song

Stephen Sondheim

Send in the clowns

22.Oktober 2021

Johann Sebastian Bach

Französische Suite h moll BWV 814





Trio / Menuet


Robert Schumann

arranged by Leopold Godowsky

Du bist wie eine Blume

21.Oktober 2021

20.Oktober 2021

19.Oktober 2021

18.Oktober 2021

17.Oktober 2021

Johann Sebastian Bach

Französische Suite no. 2 c moll BWV 813



playlist with other movements of the Suite

plus an evening with two song arrangements and an arrangement, that became a song

Frederic Chopin

Sonate Opus 35 b flat minor

Marche funèbre

Gabriel Fauré

freely after the arrangement of Percy Grainger.....After a dream

Aperes un rêve

Giacomo Puccini

Puccini arranges Puccini

Tosca "Recondita armonia"

15.Oktober 2021

These pieces were arranged by Giacomo Puccini himself.
They reveal the greatness of his genius.
He uses the piano in an ideal way and did not just produce a mere reduction of the opera score.
Not many notes, just the important ones. Sometimes he does not follow the original song line,
in order to make it more fit for the piano and this other form of music.
I can see his sincerity and seriousness and for that he has found a place in my heart.

It is, of course, not possible to transfer the dramatic atmosphere and power of the real opera performance onto the piano.
For me as a performer, it is difficult to find the right balance between the attempted imitation of the opera voice
and the necessities of the piano.
But anyway I consider these pieces as little jewels

Giacomo Puccini

transcriptions of opera arias

Madame Butterfly "Spira sul mare" (Entrada di Butterfly)

Tosca "E Lucevan Le Stelle" (Cavaradossi)

Turandot "Nessun dorma" (Calef)

Turandot "Tanto amore segreto" (Liù)

Giacomo Puccini La fanciulla del West "Minni, dalla mia casa son partito" (Jack Rance)


14.Oktober 2021

Dear listener.... besides recording new pieces, I take time to revise and improve the past performances.
Especially for these Bach pieces i need time to understand and improve.
So if I may ask you, to please also listen to older recordings from time to time.....maybe you will hear the changes!

today for example the Sarabande simple from the Suite a moll (ursprünglich Lautensuite)

and the Allemande from the second Französische Suite of J.S.Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach

Suite a moll (Lautensuite)


playlist of this Suite

Giacomo Puccini

Piccolo Valzer  Molto lento

Pezzo per pianoforte

Le Villi  "Se come voi" (Anna)

13.Oktober 2021