Welcome to homeofficepianist, a website embracing the unique opportunities of this moment in time to explore alternative forms of creative communication. In sharing the result of his daily practice sessions with you, the homeofficepianist invites you into the everyday rhythms of his musical journey

Utilising the time at home afforded by the current restrictions, the homeofficepianist is embarking on an expansive exploration of the musical universe, with each journey catalogued in a collection of periodic recordings. 

Initially, these recordings were made as a tool to self-monitor practice progression. However, these humble recordings capture something of the feeling of performance, and therefore the homeofficepianist began to share them with friends and colleagues. The positivity of this experience has inspired him to create this platform to welcome you into this musical exchange, joining him on a mystical and enlightening path.

21.September 2021

Johann Sebastian Bach 

Inventio 9 f moll BWV 780

Praeludium 12 f moll WTK I BWV 881

Nicolas Medtner

Fairy Tales

Opus 26 no.3 Narrante a piacere

italian impressionistic music

G. Francesco Malipiero

Preludi Autunnali



16.September 2021

Claude Debussy

from Pour Le Piano


15.September 2021

14.September 2021

Chopin nocturne after so many jazz standarts.......

Frederic Chopin

Nocturne c sharp minor (version from the autograph)

Nocturne B major Opus 32 no.1

13.September 2021

Matt Malneck, Joseph Livingstone

freely after the arrangement of Keith Jarrett

I'm through with Love

Schmalz but wonderful......

American traditional song

arranged by Keith Jarrett

My wild Irish rose

12.September 2021

...there were times in this world, where people wrote pieces for rivers.....

another wonderful arrangement by Keith Jarrett

American traditional song


mini opera.....

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

Adagio h moll KV 540

11.September 2021

Nicholas Brodsky arr. Keith Jarrett

Be my Love

another unbelievable arrangement by Keith Jarrett

George Gershwin arr. Keith Jarrett

I loves you Porgy

Oscar Levant was an unique being within the American media culture. 
He appeared as an actor in several movies, 
he was an outstanding classical pianist, who was supposed to be highly respected by Horowitz 
and to be one of his few friends....and composed songs......
Listen to his extraordinary recordings of some classical works!

Oscar Levant

my arrangement is loosely based on the beautiful arrangement of Keith Jarrett

Blame it on my youth

10.September 2021

Erroll Garner

Other voices

Something happens

.......the following four pieces are performed on my old Bechstein B,
an instrument that Erroll Garner often played and owned

This time it's real


Misty in G

Misty in E flat

9.September 2021

8.September 2021

7.September 2021

Franz Schubert

trying to find the tempo....

Walzer D 844 Albumblatt

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Sonate KV 300i (331) Andante grazioso


Var. 1

Var. 2

Var. 3

Var. 4

Var. 5 Adagio

6.September 2021

Good night!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Sonate KV 570


5.September 2021

Franz Schubert

Moments Musicaux Opus 94, D 780

no.1 C Dur Moderato

no.3 f moll Allegretto moderato

a new version of the Andante oft the Sonate D 664 in A Dur


3.September 2021

2.September 2021

24.August 2021

it could be interesting, Dear listener, in which way a piece developes within a few days

Robert Schumann

Davidsbündlertänze Opus 6 Heft 2

no. 9 new version

Album für die Jugend Opus 68

no. 3 Trällerliedchen

no. 4 Ein Choral

no. 5 Stückchen

20.August 2021

Robert Schumann

Davidsbündlertänze Opus 6 Heft 2

no. 8  Wie aus der Ferne

Sonate fis moll


Franz Liszt

En Rêve - Nocturne (rerecorded)

19.August 2021

Robert Schumann

a set of new pieces by Robert Schumann, as well as some rerecorded

Album für die Jugend Opus 68

no. 22 Rundgesang

Carnaval Opus 9




Bunte Blätter Opus 99

no. 6



Album für die Jugend

no. 38 Winterszeit I

no. 39 Winterszeit II

no.26 ***

no. 27 Kanonisches Liedchen

no. 30 Sehr langsam

playlist, together with yesterday's works

18.August 2021

Robert Schumann

Carnaval Opus 9

Valse noble


Davidsbündlertänze Opus 6 Heft 2

"Ganz zum Überfluß meinte Eusebius noch folgendes; dabei sprach aber viel Seligkeit aus seinen Augen"

no. 9

17.August 2021

16.August 2021

Antonio Vivaldi/

Johann Sebastian Bach

Concerto G Major  BWV 973


Robert Schumann

 Album für die Jugend Opus 68

no.16 Erster Verlust

no.18 Schnitterliedchen


no.32 Sheherazade

11.August 2021

10.August 2021

one of my students played this piece today....so now I also made an attempt

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Lied ohne Worte Opus 53 no.1

Johann Sebastian Bach

Praeludium f moll BWV 857 WTK I

Alexander Skriabin

Prelude Opus 22 no.1 (1897)

Prelude Opus 11 no.15 (1895)

Prelude Opus 37 no.3 (1903)

Prelude Opus 74 no.2 (1914)

Prelude Opus 17 no.3 (1896)

9.August 2021

todays version of the same work.
Can You hear the difference?

Johann Sebastian Bach

from the second part of the Welltempered Piano

Fuge H Dur BWV 892 second version

The Praeludium in H Dur from the first part of the Welltempered Piano

Praeludium H Dur BWV 868

Frederic Chopin

Mazurka g sharp minor Opus 33 no.1

Alexander Skriabin

Prelude Opus 11 no.9

Prelude Opus 15 no.4

Prelude Opus 27 no.2

8.August 2021

what a wonder

Johann Sebastian Bach

from the second part of the Welltempered Piano

Fuge H Dur BWV 892

6.August 2021

Johann Sebastian Bach

from the second part of the Welltempered Piano

Praeludium E Dur BWV 878

Fuge E Dur BWV 878

Jean Sibelius

Sonatine no.1 Opus 67


Leopold Godowsky

Alt Wien

4.August 2021

E Major, a key, not very poular amongst the composers of the 18th and 19th century

so here: E Major day

Johann Sebastian Bach

Inventio BWV 777

Sinfonia BWV 792

Praeludium aus dem Wohltemperierten Klavier Teil I BWV 854

Georg Friedrich Händel

Präludium aus der Suite HWV 430

Allemande aus der Suite HWV 430

Ludwig van Beethoven

Sonate Opus 109

Vivace, ma non troppo

Gesang mit innigster Empfindung und Variation I

Variation II Leggiermente

Frederic Chopin

Mazurka Opus 50 no.3

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Lied ohne Worte Opus 19 no.1

playlist with all pieces

3. August 2021

2. August 2021

Frederic Chopin


no.21 g minor

no.22 B flat Major

no.7 A Major

yesterday's secret work, which is the number 8 of Mompous Chopin variations, 
newly recorded today, as well as some more variatiations

Federico Mompou

var. III Lento, for the left hand alone

var. VIII Andante dolce e espressivo

var. X Évocation

var. IX Valse


1. August 2021


a lovely little variation of a wonderful something.
To be revealed sometime soon


Claude Debussy

Suite Bergamasque


31. Juli 2021

30. Juli 2021

Frederic Chopin

Preludes Opus 28

no.15 D flat Major

29. Juli 2021

the homeofficepianist is back home.
He will slowly start practising and recording again.
Watch out for new postings.

Please remember, these recordings are not supposed to be perfect pieces of art. 
They are just photographs of the momentary practice situation

Johann Sebastian Bach

Sonata nach der Violinsonate a moll, BWV 964


together with the Adagio

Robert Schumann

Kinderszenen Opus 15

no.12 Kind im Einschlafen and no.13 Der Dichter spricht

Federico Mompou


II. El Lago

playlist of the complete Paisajes

Cants magics

no.2 Obscur

playlist of the complete Cants magics

25. Juni 2021                

16. Juni 2021                

homeofficepianist's todays version of the jazz standard song Tenderly,
by Jack Lawrence and Walter Gross


7./8. Juni 2021                

Enrique Granados

5. Juni 2021                

Enrique Granados

happy birthday, Dear Martha Argerich!
You are such an inspiration and light to me and so many of us pianists....this is dedicated to You

Berceuse (Escenas Romantics no.2)

This is also dedicated......to my teacher, who loved this piece
....and to our little, lovely  birdfriend, who gave me happiness for more than two weeks now

Epilogo (Escenas Románticas no.6)

Barcarola Opus 45

playlist on soundcloud

our lovely, heartwarming little friend.....I could catch him on photo today